For that one day when only the best will do.


It's all about the bridal bouquet, darling. Don't let anyone else tell you any different.
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Your ingenuity in creating such colourful and stunning flower arrangements really blew us away. Appointing you as our florist was one of the best decisions we made. My bouquet was simply stunning. It must have been the most photographed bridal bouquet in the history of weddings. 


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You don't want to walk down the aisle with a ball of roses. You want to glide down the aisle with a Blossoms bouquet that tells a story of love.
As soon as we met you, I knew I wanted you to do my flowers. I love how passionately you talk about your work. You really listened to what I wanted and used elements of my dress to complement my bouquet. I cried when the flowers arrived.
Marie and Paul
Every individual Blossoms bouquet has colour, texture and scent to evoke your senses and leave an everlasting memory.
It is created lovingly using magical ingredients that represent you.
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She learns what you love and through her flowers pours her heart into transforming your wedding day in a way that you can't quite believe.
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The bouquets featured in the galleries have been named after the brides who have chosen me to be part of their very special day. If you spot one that rocks you, I would love to hear from you.
As soon as we met Penny, we knew we wanted her to do our wedding flowers. The way she spoke about how she likes to design the bouquets and the unusual things she likes to put in them, like fresh herbs, really captivated us.