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Sometimes it's better to hear it from the horses mouth…

This mini documentary explores how Glue Films' clients have used video marketing to promote business online and via social media.

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The Wood Centre For Innovation

WCFI is a purpose built space and support for entrepreneurs, start ups and grow on companies based in the science and tech industries. Offering office space, meeting rooms for up to 20 people, 120 seater Auditorium, full business support inclusive of on site parking, reception services, catering options and cafe.

The WCFI is part of the Oxford Trust encouraging innovation through supporting entrepreneurs and start up businesses in the high tech sector

The Brief

The objective of the promotion film and social media video derivatives are to raise awareness of the newly built Wood Centre for Innovation. While illustrating highlight key features of the newly built venue, its services and office space aligned to the science and tech enterprise start up and business growth sectors offering aspirational and ethical working environments.


We established that the design of the promotion video was to be based on 3 different location segments edited together in one promotion film. For the social media marketing, we then separate each segment to includes its own branded message and used with a ‘roll out’ marketing campaign in Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

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Anthony Mullan Furniture

The Berkshire based business has been designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke Kitchens, Bedrooms & Studies since 2000 in any style, colour or material.

With on site furniture manufacturing , the designer furniture maker has an impressive reputation of delivering high end bespoke designed furniture to the UK.

The Brief

The 3 minute video was designed to be used on front page of the Anthony Mullan website, but also suitable for use on the stand at exhibitions, as well as being being suitable for social media and email marketing campaigns.

The objective of the video is to encourage more prospective customers to visit the company's showroom after initially viewing the website or visiting the exhibition stand.


The video is designed around the customer journey, beginning and ending with the clients' perspective and featuring contributions from different members of the Anthony Mullan team at each stage.

The main promotion film was used in conjunction with a social media advertising campaign, via Facebook which raised the AFM core brand awareness.

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The Healthy Juice Company

Rosie Dickinson founder of The Healthy Juice Company tell us about the benefits of juicing and the range of fresh daily pressed organic juice pack and cleanses packs detox programmes.

The Brief

The brief was to humanise the brand by putting a face on the front of the business. The main film had a duel use, firstly to talk direct to visitors on the companies main website and secondly via social media to raise brand awareness via Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.


We decided to present the business in an open green environment, Shot on location on one of the hottest days of the year at a private estate in Buckinghamshire, we battled the heat to gather together all of the video material.

The principle ingredients were shot in beautiful sunlight as we presented the ingredients on a table, all shot in close detail with shallow depths of field. The film has a photographic style which purveys the quality and beauty of the range of juice ingredients.

Additional filming was done on location a The Healthy Juice Company's organic pressing unit based in Bicester Oxfordshire.

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LAPD Architects

LAPD Architects are a Oxfordshire based business owned by Trevor Avery and Opinder Liddar. Glue Films were commissioned to produce a film concept, that demonstrated the variety of architectural services LAPD Architects had designed.

The Brief

The main film had a duel use, firstly to talk direct to visitors on the companies website and secondly via social media to raise brand awareness via Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.

We designed a multi-layered idea, which involved shooting at previous build projects, along with capturing key client build projects. The film was designed to establish the core principles of the business, in quality and design of the build projects to attract and invite potential new clients to the main website.


We created and produced a multi-layered idea, which involved shooting at previous build projects, along with capturing key client build projects.

The chosen properties were selected to demonstrate the wide range of different projects, from a kitchen extensions, remodelled properties to completely designed new builds from the ground up.

Fully scripted and guided by a voice over, which included key testimonials from LAPD Architects clients. We hear in their own words, why each client commissioned their own ‘designs for life’ with LAPD Architects.

Video Blogs

In additions to the web site promotion film, LAPD Architects decided to create a number of video blogs tackling a range of build subjects that visiting customers deal with on a new build project.

The blogs were designed to inform their audience with relative information about home builds and what permissions were required before submitting planning applications.

Rather than straight promotion, the approach is to advise and inform its audience and build confidence in the professional knowledge of LAPD Architects.

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Very few print ads run for a nine year period.
Zek and Nicole
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Crescent Road Restaurant

Zek and Nicole are one of Glue Films longest clients, In 2010 the Worthing based restauranteurs set up their dining business providing high end dining experiences at affordable prices.

After initially having limited foot fall from local radio and print advertising, the couple decided to try video online marketing, the beauty of which is that nine years after the online premier of the film, the couple are still promoting the business through social media, outstripping all traditional media at cost point. In the word of the business owners, "Very few print ads run for a nine year period" while building a large following on Facebook and Instagram

The Brief

The brief was 'to get the message out' beyond the borders of Worthing and to create an online presence and to establish the business.
In 2010 Glue Films were commissioned to produce a 60 sec online commercial and 2 viral video adverts for YouTube, social network sites and website distribution.The results of having a viral ad produced, generated local media interest for Crescent Road Cafe Restaurant.

With additional traffic driven to their website by the use of the main viral commercial and additional video blogs, all shot by Glue Films, The Crescent Road Restaurant Facebook page has generated a online community around the core brand, reaching new clients beyond the Worthing area and now outside the county.


Our promotion concept was based on the heart of the business, The Food. On a closed Sunday afternoon we interviewed many of the dedicated clientele and asked them just one questions.

What is the one dish that you return to this restaurant for again and again?
The responses were simple but surprising, everyone had a favourite. With additional linking dialogue from Zek and Nicole, the finished video was posted online and marketed out with every weekly menu update along with additional video blogs based in the secret recipes of some of the favourite dishes available at the restaurant.

Nine years on, the promo is still doing business for Zek and Nicole.

Video Library

Lots more video marketing content to view in our library below.

The entire Glue Films video library is also available to view on our YouTube Glueview channel
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