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<i>Glue Films | air</i>
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Glue Films | air

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Why Choose Glue Films | air ?

Glue Films | air is the aerial photographic and filming arm of Glue Films. With over 30 years in the video marketing content business we have industry experience of providing quality professional images and filming that communicates correctly and delivers on brand.

Qualified PfCO CAA approved licenced pilots

All Glue Films | air pilots are fully qualified CAA approved PfCO licence pilots. We apply the same professional approach to aerial photography as we do to film making. Additional planning and pre site surveys with risk assessments are carried out in advance to ensure the safest possible flying conditions to photograph or film. We carry out the following procedures before every flight :

• Filming and photography of property and locations
• Property inspection and surveys
• Air space assessment
• Pre site survey
• Risk Assessment
• NOTAMS check
• Proximity check
• Air traffic clearance
• Land permissions clearance
• Night flights authorised

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Aerial Photography and Filming

Our Drones

All of our Aerial UAV's (drones) can shoot up to 4K 10bit HDR video with a 20MP sensor with the ability to shoot in Dlog-M giving you plenty of scope to enhance all your shots in post production.

Our Aerial Filming and Photographic Services

We offer a range of the following services :

- Aerial location filming

- Property and location surveys

- Property advertising photography

- Land inspection

- Landscape and location photography

Post Production

Additionally, we have a dedicated post production service at Glue Films prodution suites.

Once your aerial shoot has been completed, we offer film editing and image grading services. Including Lightroom and Photoshop post production for photographic enrichment.

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Location Surveys
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Print Advertising
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Land Inspections
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Property Photography

Aerial Filming

Oxford Innovation | Wood Centre For Innovation

The Wood Centre For Innovation was shot in April 2019 and is a perfect example of how aerial filming can enhance a project.

Shot in a couple of hours the client brief was to have a filmed photography of the newly built office space to end the main film to enhance the branded ending to establish it green credentials and location.

The film was shot in 10bit Dlog-M and image graded at Glue Films production suites.

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The most cost effective aerial filming and photography in the UK

When it comes to price point, Glue Films | air are super competitive. We offer rates that suits most budgets, allowing your business to raise projects off the ground in the most cost effective way.

Let's Chat

If your business has a project that is looking for aerial filming or photography let's sit down for a cuppa and chat.

DIdcot Power Station Cooling Towers Drop

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